Bitterroot Holdings specializes in providing self-storage owners with a wide range of property management services.  We understand the industry and are committed to its success. We have a proven track record of enhancing the value and returns of a property.

Below are our service goals that we maintain for our facilities and that we can do for yours:

  • Manage steady revenue growth
  • Increase physical and economic occupancy
  • Schedule rental rate increases on a timely basis
  • Track inquiries and perform meaningful follow through
  • Track competitors regularly
  • Market facilities through many different mediums
  • Keenly observe and improve the price per square foot of your facility
  • Increase revenue through ancillary lines such as merchandise and insurance sales
  • Collect rent from delinquent tenants or get them out timely
  • Limit discounting to only spur rapid rents when needed

Our Property Management Services Include:

  • Operations Management
  • Full Service Accounting
  • Performance Reporting
  • Financial Forecasting & Reporting
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Training / Development of Current & Future Employees
  • Incentive Program Implementation
  • Continuing Education & Coaching

Find out how we can help your business:

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