We manage our own properties and offer owners of other facilities to share in our success.

Bitterroot Holdings specializes in providing self-storage owners with a wide range of property management services.  We understand the industry and are committed to its success.  

Below are our service goals that we maintain for our facilities and that we can do for yours:

  • Manage steady revenue growth
  • Increase physical and economic occupancy
  • Schedule rental rate increases on a timely basis
  • Track inquiries and perform meaningful follow through
  • Track competitors regularly
  • Market facilities through many different mediums
  • Keenly observe and improve the price per square foot of your facility
  • Increase revenue through ancillary lines such as merchandise and insurance sales
  • Collect rent from delinquent tenants or get them out timely
  • Limit discounting to only spur rapid rents when needed
A young manager looking confident while on the factory floor

Our Property Management Services Include:

Operations Management

Full Service Accounting

Performance Reporting

Financial Forecasting & Reporting

Staff Recruitment

Training / Development of Current & Future Employees

Incentive Program Implementation

Continuing Education & Coaching

Find out how we can help your business: